Support Appeals

Child Support and Spousal Support Appeals Attorney in New York

With over 30 years of experience handling family law and divorce appeals, we take great pride in our appellate work. From our Garden City office, we represent men and women in all types of matrimonial appeals, including those involving support.

Our representation includes handling all aspects of the appeal, from the initial filing through oral argument. We are highly skilled in appellate advocacy and will articulately present your case before the panel of appellate judges. Contact us today for more information.

Child Support Appeals

The payment of child support is frequently a source of contention between divorcing parents. If the trial court abused its discretion or committed an error of law in rendering a determination, we can help you seek to overturn that ruling through an appeal. Rest assured, we will always provide you with the comprehensive guidance you need to make informed decisions regarding your case.

Maintenance Appeals

The propriety of a maintenance award is also subject to frequent judicial review. If a court has abused its discretion or committed an error of law with regard to either the amount or duration of the award, we can help you appeal that ruling. We strive to help our clients fully understand if an appeal is advisable and, if so, the steps that need to be taken to present the strongest possible argument.

In addition to child support and spousal support appeals, we handle all types of matrimonial appeals, including child custody and equitable distribution appeals.

To learn more about your options from an experienced appellate lawyer, contact us to arrange a confidential consultation. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9am until 6pm. Evening appointments are available upon request.